Congregation Council Retreat

Prayerful Leadership: a one-day retreat for congregation councils

Learning to Find that place of stillness within the individual and as a Council can make all the difference in the group’s capacity to be a discerning presence on behalf of the whole body of Christ.

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Spiritual Direction

the art of contemplative listening--listening with the whole of one’s being--helps groups and individuals listen more fully to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. 

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Foundations of Christian Spirituality, Phase 1

Entering the Narrow Gate

A year-long reflective study of the Christian Wisdom Tradition

Hosted by: St. Luke's Lutheran Church - Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Featured Book from the Library

A Woman's Way: The Forgotten History Of Women Spiritual Directors

by Patricia Ranft

Patricia Ranft sheds new light on the way society understands a woman's spiritual life and her role in the Christian world, as well as Christian understanding of the role of women in society and as spiritual beings. 

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