by Mariano Magrassi, OSB

Synthesizes the unique and extraordinary experience of lectio divina. What is it? What are its key ideas? What are the necessary personal dispositions? What are the steps by which prayed reading is transformed into genuine contemplation?

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by Michael Casey

Examines the Western tradition of lectio divina (a spiritual and prayerful approach to reading the sacred texts) in order to help readers expand their spiritual approach to living.

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by Innocenzo Gargano

Lectio Divina, or holy reading, is an essential element of Benedictine spirituality and time for personal reading of the Bible in a prayerful, contemplative way is built into the Benedictine day. It is a spiritual discipline that goes back even further than St Benedict to the early church fathers. Lectio Divina encourages us to hang on to every word, to turn phrases over and over as we would a love letter. This is a practical guide to this key element of Benedictine spirituality, for complete beginners and experienced hands alike.

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by Tony Jones

Author and youth pastor Tony Jones explains the four steps of Lectio Divina: lectio (reading), meditatio(meditation), oratio (prayer), and contemplatio (contemplation) in a way that is accessible to youth and young adults.

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by M. Basil Pennington

This practical guide book for today's Christian describes the time-tested method of praying with the Scriptures for wisdom and guidance and joy.

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by Mary Margaret Funk, OSB

Lectio divina is a way of praying by sustained immersion into a revelatory text. While Scripture is the classic place of encounter with God, the text could also be the book of life or the book of nature.

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by David Foster

But following St Benedict's opening command in his Rule to 'listen', attending to the word of God through the printed text is an art which needs to be rediscovered in a world in which we are surrounded by a cacophony of sound and noise. David Foster has written a guide to this art.

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by Thelma Hall

Retrieves from obscurity the lost art of contemplative prayer as practiced for sixteen centuries in monastic tradition, and provides 500 thematically arranged scripture texts as rich resources for this intimate prayer.

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