by James W. Fowler 

Fowler draws on a wide range of scholarship, literature, and firsthand research to present expertly and engagingly the six stages that emerge in working out the meaning of our lives--from the intuitive, imitative faith of childhood through conventional and then more independent faith to the universalizing, self-transcending faith of full maturity. Stages of Faith helps us to understand our own pilgrimage of faith, the passages of our own quest for meaning and value. 

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by Richard Schaub and Bonney Gulino Schaub 

With specific exercises, such as guided imagery and meditations, Dante's Path leads readers on a unique step-by-step journey for building an ongoing relationship with their guiding inner wisdom.  

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by Alan Jones

Drawing on the rich source of insight and inspiration in The Divine Comedy, Alan Jones guides contemporary readers through the challenges, passages and rewards of the spiritual life. 

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by Rowan Williams

An introduction to the first Christian monks, the Desert Fathers, and makes their wisdom available and relevant for the twenty-first century reader; but it does more, since it is written in the same spirit as the texts from the desert, that is, as a clear window that will give direct access to God

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Additional books by Rowan Williams

by Robert J. Wicks 

Drawing on Eastern and Western traditions, psychologist Robert Wicks emboldens readers to face life's difficulties--the "dragons" that escape from the cave 

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by Robert J. Wicks 

Encourages readers to share and receive that sacred presence more openly, especially through the gift of friendship 

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by Evelyn Underhill 

A collection of mystical saints whose greatness is most closely connected with their dependence on and contribution to the family life of the household of faith.

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Additional books by Evelyn Underhill

by Evelyn Underhill 

divided into two parts: the first provides an introduction to the general subject of mysticism and its relation to metaphysics, psychology, theology, magic, and symbolism. The second and longer part contains a detailed study of the nature and development of spiritual or mystical consciousness, including such topics as the awakening of the self, the purification of the self, voices and visions, introversion, ecstasy and rapture, the dark night of the soul, and the unitive life.

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Additional books by Evelyn Underhill

by Teresa of Avila, translated by Otilio Rodrigues and Kieran Kavanaugh

Contains Book of Her Life, Spiritual Testimonies, and Soliloquies.
Includes general and biblical index.

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by Jon M. Sweeney

This guide includes profiles of ancient, medieval and modern figures, East and West, the sublime and the unusual, with special chapters exploring:

  • Differences between Catholic and Protestant imaginations.
  • How saints were made in the past and how they are today.
  • Devotions and spiritual practices.
  • The radical triumph of the Protestant idea.
  • Miracles, doubt, and belief.
  • Tears, pain, foolishness, apparitions, stigmatas, and more strange, saintly behavior.

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by Laura Swan

Introduces the sayings, lives, stories and spirituality of women in the early Christian desert and monastic movement, from the third century on.

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by Edward C. Sellner

To be a soul friend, Edward Sellner reminds us, "is to provide a place of sanctuary to another where, through our acceptance, love, and hospitality, he or she can grow in wisdom, and both of us in depth."

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by Janet Ruffing

Explores the relationship between the mystical and the political dimensions of religious existence.  The Introduction of this book offers and excellent historical overview.

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