by Roger Haight

Functions not just as an introduction to the Exercises but also as an introduction to spirituality. At the same time, it serves as an introduction to Christianity, which emerges in a new light not as a set of beliefs, but as a way of life, modeled on the spirituality of Jesus.

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by Suzanne Zuercher 

A responsible look at an ancient system of conceptualizing the human person, a system that has captured the modern imagination. Even those who are unfamiliar with the enneagram will find this book speaking to their experiences. 

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by Suzanne Zuercher 

Zuercher breaks new ground for the uses and potential of the enneagram in understanding the centered life. She takes the enneagram in a new, deeper direction as she explores how the instincts, compulsions and gifts of each stance or space influence interactions among people. 

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by John R. Yungblut  

The use of the Gospel according to John as a guide for the spiritual director is illuminating and profound 

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Edited by Jerome M. Neufelder and Mary C. Coelho 

Anthology of quotations on the nature of spiritual direction taken from the Bible, Church Fathers, mystics, scholars, saints, and modern spiritual directors. 

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by Nick Wagner 

In this collection of essays, respected leaders in the field of spiritual direction explore the myriad of contexts in which this relationship takes place and offers practical ways to respond to them. 

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by Norvene Vest 

In this collection, readers are given the opportunity to see what spiritual direction looks like--and what questions are asked--through a variety of lenses 

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by Norvene Vest 

This volume of essays by seasoned spiritual directors from a variety of faith traditions addresses issues of concern to directors today such as direction with: abused persons, the poor, church drop-outs, and gays and lesbians. 

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by Adrian L Van Kaam 

Dynamics of Spiritual Self Direction intends to apply the principles of spiritual direction practically to formative spirituality in the actual circumstances of daily life. 

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by Lucian-Marie Florent OCD, Pierluigi Pertusi OCD and John Sullivan OCD

A brief consideration of spiritual direction according to St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa, and

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